Exterior Painting

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When it comes to exterior painting, there are many issues that come into play when doing your renovation project, such as waterproofing and surface finishes. This is why it is important to hire house painters that specialize in exterior work. This can become more of an issue than they would for interior painting jobs.

Painting a home’s exteriors also requires more preparation because you are dealing with a surface that has endured the harsh seasons, because of this there may be specific wear and tear that must be taken care of before one begins to work. With our water blasting service, our commercial and residential painting service can efficiently remove all the dirt and grime which can prevent the paint from going on smoothly and evenly.

Once you hire our painting services, we assure you that your renovation project will exceed your expectations. Our painting contractor will take the time to paint, provide you a quality caulking and masking service. For more information, please contact Domedi Painting in St. Louis, MO.